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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

why do you take a deposit before you begin your video production process?

We do this for a couple reasons.

1) Once the contract is signed and we begin production, there are certain items like specialized equipment that we have to put deposits on, and those deposits are not always refundable.

2) We immediately start to accrue costs for the hours our crew works on preparing the script and all other facets of pre-production. Do keep in mind that any portion of this deposit that is unused would be refunded, should for some reason the project were to be canceled early on in the process. CA Video Services would only keep what we would be forced to keep to cover our costs that were accrued up to the point of cancellation, and we would provide details of those costs.

I am the spokesperson for our company, but am not used to being in front of cameras and I am nervous about the process. How do you handle this?

There is actually an easy way to handle this that should put your concerns at ease. Depending on the video we are producing, you may be able to use voice-over for most of the footage. What does this mean? There could be a short introduction where you are in the video. Then, your voice (or even a different voice) could be used along with applicable video footage for most of the remainder of the video. Then, optionally, you could be in front of the camera again for a short closing statement. This works very well and puts even the most camera-shy folks at ease.

with technology today, can't I just shoot a video with my mobile phone and use that for my needs and save a lot of money?

The short answer... For certain things, there is nothing wrong with using a small sensor camera, but it cannot take the place of a professionally planned, filmed and edited video.

So, it really boils down to “equipment” AND “cinematography.” Hands down, professional gear gives the videographer most (if not all) of the control over the image quality and style. Cinematography includes many important elements, all needing to come together to create an art form. It begins as an idea. Then a story, with many pieces that need to be sorted out and planned for. The finished product looks professional because every detail was planned in advance, and produced by experienced professionals.

Is the video my property after it has been produced and paid for in full?

Absolutely. You can use and host the video as you wish. At your request, CA Video Services will also host your video on the excellent Vimeo platform so it can be displayed where ever you want, without any annoying ads (included in the price of all standard packages).

do you do free consultations?

We are willing to do free consultations for businesses that are local to us. We decide to do free consultations on a case by case basis. For example, if a company wants to do a professional 2 minute video, and they say they have a budget of $300, we will politely decline. We are at the lower end of the professional video spectrum, but budget needs to be discussed very early on and be realistic or both our time and the clients’ time may very well be wasted. This, we try to avoid. So, it is a good idea to have a general idea of the type(s) of video needed, and what budget (range) we have to work with prior to an on-site consultation.

can you make any guarantees that the video will produce the results I am hoping for?

It would not be possible to make such a guarantee for several reasons. Once you have the copy of the video as well as a link to the hosted video, it is up to you to promote it. We will obviously do our very best to ensure the video is both interesting, visually compelling and of the highest possible quality. We will need your full cooperation to help make that happen.

do you provide a script, or do we provide it?

Depending on the structure of your company, this question will increase or decrease the complexity of the project. If you’re providing the script, your copywriters will have to get involved and there will likely be several additional steps in the approval process. If you provide us with general details of what you need in the video, it may shorten the script-writing process and the video would most likely be finished sooner.

do you charge by the length of the videos, and if so, what is the price per minute?

Good question. We do not and could not charge by the length of the video. There are way too many variables that affect price. We keep your budget in mind while we plan for the most impactful video we can create while keeping at or below your maximum threshold. Things that vary costs are the inclusion or absence of; professional actors, voice overs, studio locations, number of cameras, number of crew, specialized equipment, and much more.

Let’s say you are planning a whole series of “explainer” videos. Once the format has been defined, which includes sound scores, title style, and any other repeatable pieces of the video, each additional video would cost much less than the first one because there would be less work to do.