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Who We Are and What We Bring to the Table

What Puts Us Ahead of Our Competition?

Let’s face it. Selecting a company to do business with is basically a sorting process. Budget is always in the forefront of your mind, unless you are the in the small minority where budget is not a factor. If budget were not a factor, we probably could not help you because you would be able to afford “Hollywood-level” videos. We don't operate in that market. At least not yet.

We are a small company. There are definitely advantages to that. Your project won’t get lost in some department and you likely won't have to wait two months to get your project started.

One thing that sets us apart from other video service companies, and it’s significant, is that we have an abundance of in-house capability for a small company.

Why is this important? The more efficiently we can produce your professional video, the more attractive we can keep our prices and the shorter we can keep production time.

All outside services come with a higher price tag when compared to what can be accomplished in-house. Here are a few examples.

  • The client needs to have some custom graphics done for this project. Can we do it in-house? Yes we can.
  • The client needs help embedding the new video into their website. Can we do it in-house? Yes we can.
  • The client needs some still photography in addition to, or to be embedded into the video. Can we do it in-house? Yes we can.

Why Talk About Budget This Early On?

typical cost for producing professional videos

We do not want to waste your time or ours. That is why it is vitally important to be on the same page when it comes to budgetary expectations. We don't expect you to necessarily give us a fixed number regarding your budget, but it is important to know if we can feasibly produce your professional video and stay within your budgetary range, or not.

Like the graphic (above) states. You do have considerable control over several cost-factors that contribute to the total cost of producing the video. Perhaps you can accomplish your goals without the need for professional actors or having a professional composer produce a custom soundtrack. Aligning expectations very early on is really best for both parties. As the story unfolds, adjustments can be made to keep the cost in check so there are no surprises. No one wants surprises!

How This Business Evolved

The owner of CA Video Services has spent many years behind a camera. He believes his place is behind the camera, and for that reason, he does not want his mugshot in this section. He says, “Leave that for the actors and the purdy folk.” A little kidding around... To be more accurate... He is modest and humble and never really did like getting his picture taken. A little Photoshop can fix that shyness.

max logan - owner of ca video services

max logan

Max shaped this business into what it is today. It started with Photography and graphic arts, going way back into the 90s. The logical transition was videography. When Max is not working on a paid assignment, you can usually find him working on a short film. He finds much gratification in working with a team to make a story come together. Max was a Producer and Director of Photography on the TRIPLE TIMe short film (a sci-fi thriller) that earned an award of Best SCI-FI and Visual Effects from the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival in 2017. The film also earned Best Producer from the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in 2017.

max logan - owner of ca video services

To Your Success

Your satisfaction with our deliverables is extremely important to us. Not only do we want you to achieve your goals from using our services, but we also want you to recommend us afterwards or employ us again when you have the need. You have our ear throughout the entire production process. We will do everything possible to make you happy with our deliverables as well as our customer service. That is our promise.